Soil pollution causes and effects essay

It has been observed that in India, soil has suffered from pollution because of two practices: Producers of fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals produce a lot of solid and liquid waste. More often than not, internet and newspapers are filled with information about the increase in the levels of the carbon monoxide and Sulfur Dioxide in the atmosphere.

Short essay on the Sources and Effects of Soil Pollution

Mining activities to achieve the essential minerals need to run heavy industries. These toxic chemicals pollute the soil and ultimately enter the food chain and infect us with dangerous diseases.

Essay about causes and effects of soil pollution

Considering how soil is the reason we are able to sustain ourselves, the contamination of it has major consequences on our health. Industrial mining of the minerals is considered as one of the primary causes of pollution.

Harmful chemicals present in the air pour down as acids in the form of rain and contribute to raising the soil pollution to dangerous levels. Soil is the most important natural resource highly required to maintain the healthy life here. Ozone layer plays an important role in the protection of the environment as it blocks the entry of the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Other sources of the soil pollution are municipal garbage heap, food processing wastes, mining practices, and many more. It is always best to use organic substances when dealing with soil and proper disposal of hazardous materials reduces the damage pesticides and poisons can come into play as the final perhaps necessary elements in our anti-pest strategy.

Carbon reacts with ozone gas resulting in its depletion in the atmosphere. Like the furniture, we can recycle many waste products in the house, and we can reduce the production of garbage and prevent soil pollution.

Construction of landfill and illegal dumping spots. Such chemicals slowly get absorbed by the soil and then plants which ultimately reaches to the animals and human beings body through the food chains. Know about Diseases caused by Soil pollution… Measures to Prevent Soil Pollution There is a need to make stringent rules for reducing soil pollution and preventing it completely.

Industrial wastes released by the industrial processes contain organic, inorganic and non-biodegradable materials which have ability to change physiochemical and biological characteristics of the soil. It totally disturbs the level of texture and mineral, bacterial and fungal colonies of the soil.

Select Page Soil Pollution Essay Soil pollution refers to the mixing of human-made chemicals like industrial wastes, agricultural chemicals, and other harmful disposal of wastes from houses, factories, etc directly or indirectly into the natural soil which causes land degradation and makes it unfit for the cropping.

All urban wastes are commonly referred as refuse. It refers to increase in natural radiation levels caused by human activities.

Pollution Essay

Crops and plants grown on polluted soil absorb much of the pollution and then pass these on to us. Therefore, in the below-mentioned paragraph, we enumerate the causes as well as the effects.

Essay on the Causes and Effects of Soil Pollution in India

These mainly include radioactive wastes, biomedical wastes and non-radioactive industrial wastes. Due to polluted soil, there is an adverse effect on the yield of crops too. As a human being, we need to keep our land safe and secure and away from all the impurities.

It also causes groundwater pollution through seepage. Fertilizers such as nitrogenous, phosphorus and potassium also contribute to soil pollution.

The unwise use of pesticides and insecticides on croplands also contributes to soil pollution. These cause many undesirable effects on the water quality creating many health hazards. It has been observed that in India, soil has suffered from pollution because of two practices: (i) excessive use of fertilizers and growth regulation agents in agriculture, and (ii) improper disposal of urban waste on land.

Essay on Environmental Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solution Category: Blog, Environment, Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 5, By Ankita Mitra Environmental pollution refers to the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment.

Soil Pollution Essay 6 ( words) Soil pollution is the contamination of fresh and fertile soil which adversely affects the health of crops, plants, animals, human beings and other organisms living in it.

Essay on Soil Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Solutions February 27, by Study Mentor Leave a Comment We are living on a planet which is. Free words essay on Pollution Causes and Effects for school and college students. Climate change with an accelerating pace has become the prime insurmountable challenge on earth.

The phenomenon of exceedingly damaging pollution of air, water and soil has exacerbated this issue that the world is at the brink of peril.

Essay on Pollution Causes and Effects

Pollution has not remained a localized issue anymore, rather inflated to.

Soil pollution causes and effects essay
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