Hourglass style news writing and reporting

Police shot and killed a year-old Davie man after he disregarded their orders to drop his knife. You wouldn't try to ship an elephant in a shoebox. The interview might take place over the phone, in an office, at a restaurant, at a disaster site, or wherever it is most convenient to talk to your subject.

But journalists, like all writers, sometimes rely on tried-and-true forms and formulas: Invasion of privacy issues. Many sports articles are written in the hourglass style because it is an effective way to arrange information. The type of kicker or lead used will vary depending on the angle and content of the news story.

The advantages to this format are that it adds drama to the story. This technique is used to list several developments in a single story.

It could be single or several paragraphs and is used just before the body of the story. Correct It is in this process of constructing that news story formats come into role. The hourglass serves readers' need for news and their natural desire for story.

The Body of a News Story

Once you have all the details for your feature, then focus on excellent writing that flows rapidly using descriptive and dialogue, weaving in news facts and background, and creating a tone that conveys the mood and emotion of the feature.

The main points of the lecture: Five groups of researchers, using distinct methods, analyzed the heat that baked Australia for much of last year and continued intoshutting down the Australian Open tennis tournament at one point in January.

Truth is the best defense in libel suits.

How to Organize a Paper: The Hourglass Format

In my view, anyone who can write better than his or her peers in any profession will have the better chance of success in the future. Instead, you concentrate on research. This is usually just a few short paragraphs. Minor details are presented at the end of the article and could essentially be eliminated.

Tying the reporting, as well as the writing, to the form lends a discipline and focus that produce better stories. In the top you give the basic news, enough to satisfy a time-pressed reader.

Understand the importance of adherence to a basic writing style through use of The Associated Press Stylebook.

Writing spot news obituaries from fact sheets Out-of-class Assignment: This trait may also help you get a job.

Then add meat -- chunk after chunk after chunk -- until you reach the end, where you reprise with another tomato -- a final quote or anecdote. Always double-check the spelling of the name of the deceased to avoid embarrassment to you and further grief to the family.

This is also a type of list format where an elaborate ending is given. I was fortunate to have had an excellent 8th Grade English teacher who drilled good grammar into our class.

Then, keep adding and organizing paragraphs in order of relevance and importance until the least relevant and least interesting info is at the bottom. It ends by returning to that specific person again and concluding with another anecdote or quote.

It might be a poignant quote or a surprise you are holding for the reader or something that takes the feature back to the original lead to make the story complete. The Body of a News Story. Posted on September 29, by heklos Yankees Expect Alex Rodriguez to Be Their Third Baseman inis an example of the hourglass style of writing.

The article starts off with the most newsworthy information and then transitions into a chronological conclusion.

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Bender, John R., et al. Reporting for the. Hourglass Style: A Different Kind of Structure • An alternative type of writing news • Begins with summary lede where main news is high in story • A few paragraphs later, the story contains a turn that transitions into a narrative style.

Reporting and Writing News. SMPA W. WID Handbook. Myron Belkind. Understand the importance of adherence to a basic writing style through use of The Associated Press Stylebook.

How to Write a News Article: Home

The hourglass and list techniques may be used within the body of the story. The Body of a News Story. Posted on September 29, by heklos The next method of writing is the hourglass style. This style has three parts.

Bender, John R., et al. Reporting for the Media. Tenth Edition.

The Body of a News Story

New York, NY: Oxford Press, Print. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Sep 30,  · WHAT IS THE HOURGLASS FORMAT?

This style is typical of scholarly writing, in contrast to journalistic writing in which the reader is led from point to point without an overview (Axelrod and Cooper ).

The purpose of journalistic writing is to entertain and inform. Report Abuse. Comment. Add a comment. SubmitStatus: Resolved. Oct 10,  · The hourglass style puts the most important information in the first paragraphs, a slight twist in the middle and concludes with a fairly substantial ending. This type of format is used when the news story has sequential events to be told.

Hourglass style news writing and reporting
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