Essay on role of police in maintaining law and order

This reform effort suggested that disorder and crime were linked and that effective reductions in the fear of crime and actual crime were the result of order maintenance activities Wilson and Kelling Homework help with adjectives help with homework maths essentials buy homeworks qs dissertation writing services malaysia singapore year 6 sats papers online.

Despite the reservations of critics, order maintenance policing became a widespread movement in the s and into the new millennium under various names— problem-oriented policing, zero-tolerance policing, neighborhood-oriented policing, and, broadly, community policing. It is against these poor scheduled castes and tribes that more cruelties are done.

Police can help to make sure that the community leaders have the support that they need in basic arenas of upkeep and the establishment of peace and safety, even when it comes to things like keeping streetlights lit and public parks free of broken glass and litter.

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The process continued even in free India unchecked, unabated. This particular strategy can be effective as criminals become the direct and immediate target of all law enforcement agencies and because their such direct targets, it's possible to see entire neighborhoods go through a level of renaissance: The police should be aware of the fact that if the protectors turn to be destructors — our society will be ruined and the country will not progress at all.

Some observers argued that the police lost effectiveness because they failed to focus on neighborhood problem solving and order maintenance activities Sykes Essay On Policeman The government should also better his lot so that he should have a comfortable essay.

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On the community level, the use of police discretion to control disorder sometimes can be perceived as racially motivated and lead to political controversies such as racial profiling Skolnick and Fyfe These methods of law enforcement are however, intense, take time, organization and lots of resources.

Collecting and communicating intelligence affecting the public peace to the competent authority. But nowadays, there have been some incidents and situations wherein the police have acted brutally. What tense should i write my maintaining paper in.

These Commissions, besides the State Home Minister, should have the leader of the opposition, another representative of the government and should include some apolitical citizens of 'unquestioned integrity'.

Peer Reporting of Unethical Police Behavior.

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Police have some discretion that is, choice about whether to arrest someone or not. The south was not free from the atrocities.

Furthermore, delinquent values are able to flourish and those become the norm unfortunately. It is controversial because it involves the use of authorized coercive force in a discretionary manner. The lower ranks are generally picked up from the rural areas where hatred for the lower classes is on the increase.

Without the police, there would be chaos in the society and the people would live in Hobbesian state of nature in which life would be "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short. He keeps a sharp eye on bad characters.

The duty of the traffic policeman is very hard because he has to stand under the scorching sun or in heavy rain for hours together. Laying any information before a Magistrate and applying for a summons, warrant, search warrant, or such other legal processes against any person committing offence.

The main duty of the traffic policeman is to control and regulate the traffic. After investigation of the case, preparing the charge-sheet and sending it to the court for trial within a stipulated period.

The legitimacy of the government is at risk where police are perceived to abuse their authority. It can be pleaded that bribe and corruption have become a part of Indian society. When it comes to police playing this role, it will always generate controversy.

Well, everybody knows police —he is the policeman. As ofper IISS, it had 25, active personnel. · meaning how do they help to maintain law and order in a country. Can someone tell me two ways in which the police help to maintain law and order?

meaning how do they help to maintain law and order in a country. Follow. What are some easy research essay topics for American history (before )? Resolved. In maintaining peace and order in the society, the police force specifically the police officers definitely play a profound and significant role that they need to accomplish (“Police Discretion,” n.

d.) Free sample Essay on The Role of Police in India. The role of police in free India has been very dubious.

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Even after decades of freedom the police have not been able to throw off the legacy of the British times. During the British rule police force was organized to crush. Police Professionalism and Responsibility.

Maintaining Law and Order in India: An Exercise in Police Discretion

Police in many countries play a fundamental role in ensuring that law and order is adhered to. However, the question of what constitutes to police professionalism and responsibility in the society continues to elicit mixed reactions from the members of the  · 1 The Police Role in Society: Crime Fighter or Public Servant Chapter 7 Quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to dhi”do nothing.” Edmund Burke, 18th Century British Parliamentarian Abuse of Power by 7 The Police Role in.

In democratic societies, the primary role for maintaining order is vested in the police function.

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Although most people associate police with their law enforcement or felony-chasing role, actual studies of police behavior reveal that they spend an overwhelming amount of their resources on order maintenance problems (Goldstein ).

Essay on role of police in maintaining law and order
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